If you’re in a sales or marketing job, you’ll almost certainly run into some problems. There are various problems in the business environment, such as the sales target for this month is unlikely to be reached, and the measures to attract customers are not working well.

Such problems need to be resolved each time, but have you ever been in trouble because the problem became even bigger after a while?

This time, I will explain the characteristics of “people with high problem-solving ability” who can solve each problem firmly. Finally, I will introduce 3 steps to solve the problem, so if you do not want to make similar mistakes, please read it.

Also, as a clue to solving the problem, there are many occasions to check the KPI value. We have prepared a template that makes it easy to manage your daily progress, so please take a look.

What is “problem-solving ability”?

In the first place, problem-solving ability is “the ability to analyze a problem that is occurring, identify the cause of the problem as much as possible, create a solution that can be dealt with by oneself, and lead the problem to a solution.” Problems that seem very unlikely to be solved just by looking at the situation that is occurring may be solved by analyzing and subdividing the cause.

There is also the problem that “this person can solve it”, although I cannot solve it myself. It can be said that the ability to quickly identify points such as “whether you can do it on your own” and “whether to ask for support” and adjust to ask for support is part of your problem-solving ability.

What kind of person has high problem-solving ability?

The characteristics of people with high problem-solving ability are as follows.

  • Objectively face problems and identify the essence
  • Appropriately grasp the range of influence of the problem and solve it including potential problems
  • Appropriate resources can be secured from the cause and solution of the problem.

Be able to objectively face the problem and determine the essence

To solve a problem, you first need to be aware of it. People who try to grasp the problem in a neutral manner by removing their assumptions from their minds are characterized by the fact that there is no waste in the problem-solving path and the time to solve the problem is fast.

Appropriately grasp the range of influence of the problem and solve it including potential problems

In addition, people who search for the cause from the problem, identify the cause without excess or deficiency, and have no omissions can also be said to have high problem-solving ability. If the cause of the problem is not analyzed well, the range of influence of the problem may be misunderstood, resulting in backtracking man-hours. A person who can properly analyze the cause does not generate such waste and does not waste time solving problems.

Appropriate resources can be secured from the cause and solution of the problem

As a result of cutting out the causes included in the problem and devising countermeasures, it is an important point whether the content is beyond the control of yourself or the team. People who can secure appropriate resources such as supporting experts and increasing the number of staff as needed are also people with high problem-solving abilities.

In this way, people who can not only analyze problems accurately but also take appropriate measures will be recognized as having high problem-solving abilities, and will often be relied on in their work. If you find such a person, we recommend that you closely observe their way of thinking and behavior and actively imitate what you can imitate. While imitating a great example, there should be a time when you feel that you have become able to solve problems to some extent.

3 steps to solve the problem

Now, let me introduce three steps that you can use from tomorrow to solve the problems around you.

Recognize the problem correctly

Analyze the problem

Draft a solution

First of all, collect information properly and recognize the problem correctly. If you have a strong desire to solve the problem immediately, you may not be able to recognize the problem correctly, so be especially careful and be aware of it from an objective point of view. It is safe to have multiple people discuss whether

Once you have correctly identified the problem, we will analyze it in the future. At this time, if you think that there are multiple causes of the problem, try to find the cause as much as you can. For non-trivial problems, it is not uncommon to see multiple causes.

Finally, we will formulate a solution. When thinking about a solution, estimate the number of people you can put in and see if your current team or yourself can solve it. When there are not enough people, it is important to take responsibility for securing resources by negotiating and borrowing people or requesting support from other departments.

Also, be aware of the deadline for when the solution to the problem must be completed. Once you have decided exactly when, where, and who will be in charge of the solution


We introduced the problem-solving ability. By explaining the part “what is problem-solving ability” and understanding the characteristics of people with high problem-solving ability, it became clear “what must be done for problem-solving”. it might be. In the process of solving a problem, the ability to grasp the essence of the problem and clarify the cause, and the ability to act to solve the problem after organizing it. A person who has the ability to clearly distinguish “what can be done with the resources on hand” and “what cannot be done” and assign the necessary resources can be said to be a person with high problem-solving ability.

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