American Express offers a range of cards to meet the needs of a diverse clientele seeking attractive benefits and rewards. Its unique loyalty program and optimal insurance are an integral part of its success. Still not widely used in France, Millions of users abroad already use AMEX cards. Our experts have studied this exceptional banking program and, more particularly, its advantages and its Gold card. So what is it worth? Should the “Amex experience tempt us”?

American Express entry requirements

Amex Gold

Gross annual income: € 35,000 minimum

No registration at the Banque de France 185 € / year from the 2nd year

Amex Platinum

Gross annual income: € 65,000 minimum

No registration at the Banque de France 55 € / month

AmEx Card: What sets it apart from the rest?

The most successful and advantageous loyalty program

With American Express Membership Rewards, rediscover the REAL loyalty program that truly rewards your purchases. It’s very simple, € 1 spent with your card = 1 Membership Rewards point. Collect your points and benefit from numerous gifts and advantages from AmEx partners: high-tech products, vouchers, travel, hotel nights… As millions of users worldwide, take advantage of a unique catalogue of free rewards linked to the simple use of your card. The program is available to all American Express cardholders. As long as you have your card, the points are valid for life.

You can also pay for your online purchases directly or reimburse an expense using your points. In this case, 1000 points correspond to a value of 5 €.

The best individual insurance combined with a banking service.

One of the notable features of American Express is its wide range of insurance policies. These included insurances are valid when you pay with your American Express card. Certain benefits and guarantees apply no matter what as long as you are a carrier. This is the case for “Search and rescue costs”, “Medical and surgical costs following an accident while practising a winter sport”, the “Snow and Mountain” cover and the “Travel Assistance”.

One assurance we particularly appreciate is the Purchase Protection Guarantee. Goods purchased with your Gold Card are covered in the event of accidents for 90 days.

Traveler’s favorite secret solution

Do you regularly travel for work, and your company reimburses you for the trips? Pay for your plane tickets with your American Express card and earn loyalty points! You can then benefit from free plane tickets. This time why not for a family trip?

With decades of experience, American Express brings you exclusive offers and services on the go. Their knowledge of the sector and the airline operators gives them a clear advantage over the competition.

Unique advantages

In addition to the gifts available thanks to your points, attend privileged access to numerous concerts, shows and sporting events. Enjoy early bird tickets to the most anticipated events of the year. The perfect opportunity to see Beyoncé at the AccorHotels Arena or even Griezmann at the Stade de France!

You will also benefit from promotional offers and private and exclusive shopping evenings with numerous brands.

Why choose American Express?

Because it is a must-have

The principle of operation of the American Express card is completely at odds with what we are used to knowing in France. Indeed, this is not about paying as little as possible for services that you might find elsewhere. The principle is that thanks to an American Express card, you become a VIP customer. The second advantage lies in the gain of points collected with each purchase.

American Express gives you true freedom of payment. Never get stuck on the move again because of your card cap. This deferred debit card is independent and linked to your French bank account. This is the reason why you do not have to change the bank when you subscribe.

If your spouse or loved one wishes to benefit from the same advantages, the additional card is free and earns you loyalty points.

Because it is THE reference everywhere in the world

Still not widely used in France, American Express cards have already proven their worth abroad. In North America, they are widely used and more generally accepted around the world. Your card fee is free for the first year, so it’s a great opportunity to try out American Express services!

Because it advantageously complements your Visa / MasterCard at a reasonable rate

Although the AmEx card offers many advantages, we still recommend that you keep your classic Visa or MasterCard. Most online banks offer them for free or at a lower cost. Use your cards in a complementary way according to your expenses to be carried out and avoid unpleasant surprises. Cash withdrawals with your American Express are only possible after six months of seniority, and some ATMs charge a commission.

Because it is very secure

American Express guarantees the security of your purchases and the protection of your data. Thanks to American Express SafeKey® 3D technologies and anti-fraud alert systems, you are contacted directly by text or email when unusual activity arises. All AmEx cards have a visual cryptogram like other classic cards.

In the event of a fraudulent purchase, contact the 24-hour customer service department directly, indicating the number on the back of your card and the operation that seems doubtful to you. The expense will then be rejected immediately, or What will reimburse you within 48 hours.

Finally, make all of your purchases using a 4-digit PIN code that you have chosen when signing up for the card.

This is an international deferred debit payment card giving access to many advantages:

1. Pay for your purchases with your accumulated loyalty points

2. Take advantage of unique shopping offers

3. Benefit from pre-sales for major musical and sporting events

4. Get free access to an online travel agency

5. Guarantee comprehensive insurance daily as well as when travelling

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